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Director Of Fleet Operations

The Fleet Operations Department is responsible for keeping the fleet's departments  functioning properly, assuring that no one abuses their powers as a Fleet representative, be they Admirals on down to the Commanding and Executive Officers on each ship. He/She intercepts queries for assistance from CO's in areas of recruiting, sim operations, and day-to-day running of the fleet and doing whatever else is necessary to keep the fleet operating at peak efficiency.
Chief Operations Officer
(Department Head)
Head of the Operations department, s/he is responsible for maintaining ship operations, serving as a member of the bridge crew. S/he works closely with the tactical and flight control officers in order to coordinate power allotment.
Assistant Chief Operations Officer Responsible for assisting the Chief Operations Officer, s/he serves as a backup member of the bridge crew, and often works at the Systems console on the bridge.
Operations Officer Operations Officers are responsible for keeping the ship running at peak efficiency but routing power where needed, monitoring deflectors and sensors, and a variety of other things.
Quartermaster Responsible for managing the ships stores of supplies, the quartermaster has the tough task of making sure that things get where they are needed when they are needed.